Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Defense of Ardor in Time Out, New Yorker

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In Defense of Ardor in The New York Times

Special Film Screenings in conjunction with New Economy

Anthology Film Archives, Tuesday, June 19 and Thursday, July 5, 7:30 pm

Chantal Akerman's From The Other Side is being screened at Anthology Film Archives on Tuesday, June 19 and Thursday, July 5 in conjunction with the New Economy exhibition I've curated at Artists Space, on view from June 15 to July 28.

Chantal Akerman FROM THE OTHER SIDE / DE L'AUTRE CÔTÉ 2002, 99 minutes. In English and Spanish with English subtitles.
The story is old as the hills, yet every day it continues to unfold, every day more terribly. Sometimes poor people, in an attempt to survive, risk their lives and leave everything behind to live elsewhere. But they're not wanted elsewhere. And if they are wanted it's for their labor, to do jobs that no one wants to do. In FROM THE OTHER SIDE, elsewhere is the United States and the poor are mostly Mexicans. Renowned filmmaker Chantal Akerman shifts her focus between the border towns of Agua Prieta, Sonora, where people from all over Mexico wait in limbo before crossing over, and neighboring Douglas, Arizona, a town ringed by mountains and desert plains.

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