Friday, December 11, 2009

Man in the Holocene

I'm frequently asked to talk about what project(s) I've always wanted to do, or have been working on, which I seem to hesitate to do (it seems a bit indulgent)....this came up in the Q&A after a recent talk, and as per some follow up emails, where's what I should have said:

I have been researching an exhibition I'd like to curate about contemporary art and metaphysics for over a year now, currently titled Man in the Holocene, after the Max Frisch seems to me that contemporary art is taking over the place of metaphysics in human understanding. If metaphysics was cast out of natural philosophy, out of scientific rationality, modernity and philosophy (think Heidegger/Derrida) have its concerns crept up in contemporary art now? Is aesthetic knowledge the place of the qualitative in a world of quantitative reasoning and mediated 'information'? Metaphysical concerns seem to unite so much of current contemporary art, and provide the ground for a lot of current discussions around ideas of sincerity, enchantment, curiosity, experience, presence, and 'alchemy'...