Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kagel, Books etc.

BOMB interview of Mauricio Kagel, by Anthony Coleman. It's from a little while ago, but definitely worth revisiting.The photos of Kagel's home and 'studio' are really interesting. It's a shame more of his work hasn't entered the repertoire; Kagel's Third String Quartet ranks as one of the most intensely beautiful pieces of contemporary music.

I've been reading the page proofs of W.J.T Mitchell's great new book "What Do Pictures Want?: The Lives and Loves of Images". The book will be out in June, published by Univ. of Chicago Press--nicely blurbed by Zizek, Jameson and Taussig.

Also, look out for the English version of the Hatje Cantz
Peter Weibel monograph, coming in September.


Today is unfortunately the 72th anniversary of the Nazi book burning of 1933.

The End Of The Library

When the coal
Gave out, we began
Burning the books, one by one;
First the set
Of Bulwer-Lytton
And then the Walter Scott.
They gave a lot of warmth.
Toward the end, in
February, flames
Consumed the Greek
Tragedians and Baudelaire,
Proust, Robert Burton
And the Po-Chu-i. Ice
Thickened on the sills.
More for the sake of the cat,
We said, than for ourselves,
Who huddled, shivering,
Against the stove
All winter long.

Weldon Kees

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