Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Italian Investigators 5, Historical Precedent 0


Please join us at the opening of MEANS WITHOUT END , the show I'm curating at Guild and Greyshkul, on December 10th, with work by Helena Almeida, Diana Burgoyne, Valie Export, Zipora Fried, Jochen Gerz, Mauricio Kagel, Mateo Tannatt, Tilman, and Steina and Woody Vasulka.
Andre Glucksmann on the riots in the banlieues:

"What's going on in France's suburbs is basically suicidal. The rioters don't want to kill but they're willing to risk their lives, they are igniting primary schools, houses and cars, but these are their neighbour's or their father's cars. They're igniting the factories where they work. Secondly it has to do with outbreaks of rage and fury, with the will and the intention to kill. Youths got into a bus and poured petrol everywhere, even onto handicapped people – there was actually a handicapped woman who couldn't get out of the bus who was doused in petrol. In another case, someone threw petrol over the bus driver. This is the second level, murder. The third level shows elements of the game. The pleasure of setting the world on fire, the twilight of the idols."

Many of the conflicting op-eds in several international papers--ranging from "the french social model is collapsing", to "rioting just proves they're really French!"--- fail to mention this one point: this is also about EU integration, and that it will have very harsh ramifications on Turkey's entry. That plus the rise in the conservative element--note that many of the areas where there was rioting have a high concentration of Algerian immigrants and pied-noirs--should add some friction to the Tony Blair school of European integration.


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Congrats on the show.
It looks great.
I am impressed you got Jochen Gerz
One of my favorites.
I'll try to make the opening.
I will be SUPER busy till January..
so forgive me if I miss it on the 10th.
but I am happy that this project came through for you..

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