Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Newly signed to V2, rock act The Mooney Suzuki, of which I was a founding member, played a 'secret' show at Sin-e last night here in NYC. They performed some new songs from their forthcoming--as of yet unrecorded---album. It was great to hear the new material, see old friends, and realize how far the new record will be from the last record I made with them. They are playing there again next Tuesday.

People I ran into kept asking me why I don't write about music....I didn't really have an answer, and still don't, except maybe the fact that having been a musician makes me less keen to write about it.....that plus the fact I don't listen to new rock or pop music all that much, and there's very little chance to write about the music I do enjoy--outside of composer's birthdays, centenaries, or reissues....

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