Monday, February 27, 2006

Malraux and the EU problem; Kuspit: deja vu?; Matisse

Speaking in a televised interview in 1974, Andre Malraux adumbrated the contemporary problems of European integration:

Politically, the unity of Europe is a utopia. To achieve a common European unity would require a common enemy, but the only possible common enemy would be Islam.” ---Quoted in Olivier Todd’s biography, Malraux.

I'm halfway through Alastair Wright’s erudite new book Matisse and the Subject of Modernism. Wright’s study of Matisse’s work from 1905-1913 points to his brief Fauvist period as being of profound significance, subjecting paintings from the time Matisse spent with Andre Derain in Collioure, in the summer 1905, to close analysis...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My recent interview with Billy Childish is posted on Artinfo.

"The problem with an art of ideas is that it’s highly limited. It’s showing intellect with very little intellect. So I have art without ideas. "