Thursday, March 16, 2006

ArchNewsNow and The New York Observer’s Tom McGeveran point out this interesting exchange with architect Rafael Viñoly from an interview I did with him a few months back---prophetic in light of the Kimmel Center's $23 million lawsuit against him which has since been settled.

Is that why you might be drawn to the civic function of a museum, as opposed to more corporate architecture?

No, it has nothing to do with corporate…it has to do with the use of funds that have to be within logic, and that logic to me is what defines the capacity of an architect to produce a great idea, with less rather than more.

You can read the full interview here.

My recent interview with Belgian painter Michael Borremans is posted on Artinfo. I can’t recommend his current show, ‘Horse Hunting’, at David Zwirner, highly enough.
If you haven’t read the brilliant Celia Farber article that has supposedly done ‘irreparable damage’ to Harper's, it’s definitely a must read. And for background on Peter Dusberg and the virus myth thesis, click here and here . I confess I was thinking about interviewing Duesberg for a publication recently....
Le Monde Diplo looks at 'independent but not free' Tunisia, which celebrates it's 50th year of independence this month, but where "hopes raised by the end of French rule and early reforms have long evaporated".
openDemocracy looks at the implications of the lawsuit filed against Craigslist for violating fair-housing practices. The lawsuit cites [all too common] ads for roommates that include such things as "African Americans and Arabians tend to clash with me so that won't work out", and "Requirements: Clean Godly Christian Male". “

“Yet what these laws do is perpetuate an illusion. They do not protect people. Early in the days of Craigslist I remember reading a question posted by a frustrated black man who was looking for a room to rent in New York. He felt that when he went to view apartments to share, people of other races changed their minds about him when they met him because they didn't want to live with a black man. His question was, should he put his race in his ad and replies to ads or not? My instinct would have been to tell him not to, but I was swayed by the blunt wisdom of one man who replied succinctly: "Yes, put your race in. Why waste your time going to meet bigots?"

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