Monday, July 17, 2006

New York in Salzburg

I was one of seven New York-based curators chosen to select painters for the HangART-7 exhibition in Salzburg, Austria, entitled "New York Contemporary: Art Times Squared" , which opened on Saturday, July 8th.

The show's curators/artists are the following:

Jeffrey Deitch : Kehinde Wiley
Alanna Heiss : John Lurie
Dan Cameron : Bradley Castellanos
David Reed : Ed Rath
Joao Ribas : Jules de Balincourt
Simone Subal : Dasha Shishkin

Ombretta Agro Andruff : Zachary

Previous exhibitions at HangART-7 have focused on artists from Spain and China; New York Contemporary focuses on "the energies that are bubbling in the city, and the different visions that are born in it."

There is a catalog that accompanies the exhibition [left], published by Basis Wien, with texts on each artist by the curators.

There was also a special newspaper published with profiles of the artists and curators, designed by Stefan Sagmeister, which was distributed as part of the weekend edition of the Salzburg Nachrichten newspaper. More on the show soon....

E-Flux press release on the exhibition.
Official city of Salzburg guide entry on the show.


ducktalez said...

how embarrassed were you to be part-curating a painting show that included John Lurie?
Balincourt is the best painter there by the way.kudos

Mike @ MAO said...

Congrats! and A Great Choice!

FYI.. I'm going to feature a work by Balincourt as my art work of the week this week.