Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Art:21 Interview etc..

I was recently interviewed for the Art:21 blog, on among other things, the notion of curatorial practice and the "contemporary."

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has published a monograph on Portuguese artist Ana Vieira, to which I contributed an essay on the "architecture of the self." The catalog is published on the occasion of the forthcoming exhibition, Ana Vieira: Muros de Abrigo, currently at the Museu Carlos Machado and travelling to the Gulbenkian Foundation in January, 2011.

The current issue of Flash Art features a piece on Eva Hesse co-authored with Laura Fried, Associate Curator at the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis.

From Philipp Oehmke's profile of Slavoj Zizek in Der Spiegel:

"Zizek, Badiou and Negri have known each other for years. Sometimes they work together, but each of them is more apt to take note of what the others are doing, what they are saying or what they are writing about, even if they have more than likely not read the others' books. Negri is not aloof enough and too much of a class warrior for Zizek and Badiou. Badiou is too rarefied for Negri, and Zizek publishes so many books that even he probably doesn't have time to read them all."